The Challenge

Banctec現在,自2017年以來的Exela子公司是一個全球外包服務業務,在SAP Business Suite(ECC)上運行。Banctec依賴ECC6來管理業務,從銷售和分發到製造業,以向人力資源(報告和服務)和財務會計和控製(FICO)進行服務管理。該業務還運行SAP Business Warehouse(BW),SAP業務規劃和整合(BPC)以及其他幾種SAP應用程序。

With SAP’s support, we never spoke with anyone. Now, with Spinnaker Support, it’s 3-4 times better than SAP was. We talk to a real person and have a real resolution. It’s like you found the switch to the light in a dark room.
– Craig McBroom, Business Analyst

1998年,該公司將13個不同的係統組合成一個SAP實例,並且在Exela采集時,係統成熟,低風險和薩班斯 - 奧克斯利(SOX) - 替換。Banctec將20年投入到其穩定的SAP ECC6應用係統中。雖然他們確實在服務管理方麵進行了適量的定製,但係統的其餘部分是相當標準的,而且功能順利工作,並設計。


The Approach

In 2017, the Director of Business Application Management took up the challenge and initiated a search for support alternatives. Faced with less than half the SAP staff as before and the companywide cost-cutting initiative, he wanted to assess his options and make a transition within a short period.


The Solution

2017年9月,BancTec選擇大三角帆upport as its third-party software support vendor. Spinnaker Support is a leading global provider of third-party support and managed services for SAP Business Suite (ECC) and over 120 SAP products.


Immediately after signing the contract, Spinnaker Support assigned a team of named SAP senior software engineers to work with the BancTec SAP team. They became familiar with the business processes, SAP and related applications, and system architecture including BPC, their oldest system, which they use to send out regular BancTec reports to Exela.

Even before the end of the calendar year, when BancTec fully transitioned from SAP-provided support, the Spinnaker Support team began to handle and resolve ECC6 support tickets. “It was a little scary leaving the SAP ‘mothership,’ but the onboarding process was extremely easy,” said Craig McBroom, Business Analyst (SAP products) at BancTec. “Everyone I’ve met is interested in helping. We should have done it sooner!”

The Results

BancTec immediately achieved its cost reduction goals with Spinnaker Support, receiving 60% hard cost savings from what they had been spending on their annual fees to SAP. As part of the overall Exela consolidation plans, these savings were applied to help increase shareholder value. BancTec plans to stay with Spinnaker Support for its ECC6 support needs for the foreseeable future.

BancTec has been highly impressed with Spinnaker Support’s responsiveness and the overall service. “We know if we’re having an issue, someone will respond within 30 minutes. If it’s a high priority, we immediately talk with someone through email, a phone conversation, or a screen share,” said McBroom. “With SAP’s support, we never spoke with anyone. Most issues you had to figure out yourself. Now, with Spinnaker Support, it’s 3-4 times better than SAP was. We talk to a real person and have a real resolution. It’s like you found the switch to the light in a dark room.”

內部Banctec SAP團隊現在擁有24/7支持,他們需要維護其全球ECC係統和SAP應用程序的平滑操作。由於假設支持責任,Spinnaker支持解決了Banctec的各種報告,錯誤和188金宝搏bet亚洲体育工作流程票,並在最近的BPC升級期間輔助意外的連接問題。Banctec目前正在運行一個項目,將達拉斯,德克薩斯州達拉斯的所有硬件轉移到密歇根州特洛伊的新硬件。這包括兩個重新計算服務器,以幫助發送來自BW的過程報告,Spinnaker支持正在協助配置設置。188金宝搏bet亚洲体育


To continuously improve on the working relationship with BancTec, Spinnaker Support regularly elicits feedback from users of the services. One BancTec employee recently responded, “Support for SAP ECC is great overall. As long as I have a say in things, we will continue to enjoy working with Spinnaker Support.”


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