April 29, 2021

Ken Conz, Manager, Technical Support Services

We start 2021 on the heels of a year no one could have ever predicted or imagined. Many organizations had to design entire new strategies around their products, their customers, and even their workforce.

As they look forward, organizations have yet to decide where they are headed, both in their business strategy and in how to maintain and rebuild their profit margins from a devastating year. Many organizations are in the midst of a significant shift in the way they think about everything in their organization –including how they manage their SAP enterprise landscape.

Change Is Driving Decisions More Than Ever Before

Perhaps the most significant challenge is how to shift from a reactive management of the SAP landscape to a proactive management approach. No one likes surprises, especially when you are outside of regular work hours, but so many organizations and SAP teams live in that reactive mode bubble.

The changing business environment is also driving decisions concerned with maintaining profit margins, which sometimes means shifting the way organizations think about how to manage the SAP enterprise environment. For all these reasons, more and more organizations are considering hiring a third party for Basis Managed Services (BMS).

Spinnaker Support is a unique SAP service provider:we’re the only vendor that delivers high-quality SAP Basis Managed Services AND provides cost-effective third-party SAP support that directly replaces SAP-provided support. Either primary service can be delivered stand-alone or in tandem. The combination results in the most effective, responsive, efficient, and affordable service experience for our customers.

What’s the Best Way to Learn More?

To help your research, I recommend the nine-minute video below I recently recorded. It provides an overview of our BMS, how we determine and address each organization’s needs, our three BMS packages, and what distinguishes our particular BMS offering.

So pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee (or tea), sit back, relax, and join me for a quick preview of how our Basis services can positively impact your SAP operations. It’s well worth your time, andI’m glad to answer whatever follow-up questions you may have.